Brother Shoot 12-17-5

Meet Craig

I'm a Christian videographer/photographer based in the Savannah, GA area. Almost 4 years ago, I was given a camera. I decided that day that I was going to learn how to make that camera work for me. I invested in training and quickly found that this was something I had a gift for. I've added countless hours of experience and additional training since then.

I love capturing the beauty in both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life. I have an eye for detail, angles, lighting, and cinematic taste. Every photo and video I produce is propelled by a vast number of hours of investment and effort. My goal every time I pick up my camera is to capture the perfect shot that will arrest the attention of whoever sees it.

I'm dedicated to a diligent work ethic. As a Christian, I represent my Lord and I don't take that lightly. My hope is that He will be pleased with my effort and that you will be pleased with the photos and videos I deliver.

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